Continuing Education

Bentley Systems Code Requirements for the Analysis of Concrete Structures
Hilti Metal Decking Symposium
Haag Education Composition, Wood and Tile Roofs Damage Assessment
Chapter 16, Florida Building Code-Building, 5th Edition (2014) Building Structural Design
Automatically Produce 3D Models from Digital Photos
Resolving Serviceability Concerns in Thin Concrete Floor Slabs
SteelDay 2013 Webinar: The Life of the K Factor
SteelDay 2012: 50 Tips for Designing Constructable Steel Framed Buildings
SteelDay 2014 Webinar: Resilient - You Can't Even Spell It Without Steel
Ethics Webinar
Understanding the Art and Science of Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel
Fundamentals of Analysis and Design for Stability
StaadPro Industrial Foundation Design
AISC Steel Day "Steel and the Phantasmagoria"
Locker Petro-Chem Flare Heat Sheilds
StaadPro Connection Design US/Eurocodes
Staad Foundation Advanced Dynamic Analysis Machine Foundations
ExxonMobil Petro-Chem Plant Safety program
Jacobs Defensive Driving, Distracted Driving, Avoiding Rear End Collision courses
Jacobs Anti-Bribery/Corruption program
Florida Laws and Rules for Engineers
Hilti Deck Pins for Metal Deck
Simpson Strong Tie Connector Workshop 2014
Euclid Modern Concrete Tech Seminar
CA Emergency Management Safety Assessment Program Training
Standard of Care, What it is and How it is Determined
2nd Edition Seismic Design Manual Presentation
2013 ETABS Presentation
Simpson Strong Tie Connector Workshop 2013
Cold Formed Steel Framing Standards by Dr. Roger LaBoube
ICRI Non-Destructive/Semi-Destructive Test Methods
Bracing/Bridging of Cold Formed Steel Webinar
Precast Parking Structures Maintaining your Investment webinar
ASC Steel Deck Seminar
SEAAZ Engineering Ethics Seminar
Revisions in ASCE 7-10 Part I/II Seminar
Introduction to Soil Nailing Presentation
Maccaferri PAVE 2008 Design Software Training
Maccaferri Concrete Fiber Reinforcement Presentation
Simpson Strong Tie Cracked Concrete/Advanced Anchor Topics
Powers Fasteners Presentation
BIM Conference/Program
Simpson Connector/Lateral Systems Workshop 2011
Texas Engineering Practice Act/Board Rules
Simpson Cracked Concrete/Advanced Anchor Topics
Florida Engineers Laws and Rules 2011
CA Surveying Exam
CA Seismic Exam
CA State Laws and Board Rules Exam
WR Grace Sustainability Roundtable Discussion for Concrete
Simpson Connector/Lateral Systems Workshop 2010
Simpson Anchor Systems Workshop 2010
Idaho Professional Engineers Laws and Rules
Structural Inovations Intro to Cold Formed Steel Trusses
AISC Design for Stability using 2005 AISC Specifications
Powers Anchors and new Software Presentation
Atlas Concrete Products Presentation
Hilti Anchor Presentation
CSI Deep Dek Composite Long Span Floor System
Verco Acoustic Decks, Punchlok, UL Ratings, Presentation
Euclid William Phelan Seminar High Performance Concrete
SidePlate Moment Connections Seminar
SAFE software Post Tensioned webinar
Adapt 2-hour Web-ex Training Seminar on Post-Tensioning
Industrial Safety Training Council for ExxonMobil Site
Decon Stud Rails Presentation
Florida Engineers Laws and Rules [V.07]
ACI ACI 224R Control of Cracking in Concrete Structures (Chapter 3)
ACI Reinforcement for Concrete (Part 2) Online Continuing Education
ACI Reinforcement for Concrete (Part 1) Online Continuing Education
ACI Shoring/Reshoring for Multistory Concrete Buildings Online Continuing Ed
ACI Floor Openings in Two-Way Slabs Online Continuing Education
ETABS Steel Design for AISC 360-05
ETABS Concrete Shear Wall Design
Grace Fiber Technology 2008
Design of Sustainable Concrete Homes
Products and Applications in Concrete Repair
What is a HERS Rater and Why You Need One
Building Green with ICF
A Discussion of Green Buildings and the Role of the Structural Engineer
Re-Thinking the SCBF (Special Concentrically Braced Frame)
Employee Retention/Staff Motivation
Light gage Alpine Trusses and Wall Panels
Macro Synthetic Fibers 2007
Anchor Design ACI 318 Appendix D
ASCE 7-98 Cracked concrete anchors Profis Software
Unified Design Provisions for Reinforced Concrete, Flexural and Compression Members
Non-Linear Seismic Retrofit of Existing Buildings
BIM 3D Building Modeling
ASCE 41-06 Seismic Rehab of Existing Buildings
AC308 An Adhesive Anchoring Update
Light-Gauge Steel Framing Connection Products
Risk Management Seminar 2007
Worthington Integrated Building Systems
Safety at the Construction Jobsite
Powers Fasteners Continuing Ed Seminar
Autodesk Revit Structure Seminar
De Neef Construction Chemicals, Inc.
Concrete Forms Services Inc. Aluminum Forming Technology
Seminar on RAM Post Tensioned Software
Seminar on PreCast Parking Garages
Intro to Green Building Sustainable Design LEED, Detailed Analysis of the
LEED Rating System, LEED Exam Review
2006 IBC Structural Highlights, SK Ghosh
ASCE Seminar on Structural Design for Blasts and Explosions
Interaction of Cement, Pozzolons, Admixtures
Self-Consolidating Concrete
Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures
Macro Synthetic Fibers 2006
The Steel Network, Inc. Light Gage Steel Products
Risk Management Seminar 2006
Simpson Strong Wall Seminar
Euclid Self Leveling Concrete
Simpson Anchor Seminar/Luncheon
PNA Diamond Dowel System for Slab on Grade
2005 Florida Board Laws and Rules for Professional Engineers
Sideplate Solutions for Steel Frame Buidlings
Construction in Indian Country
Transmodern Architecture
Macro Fibers in Concrete 2005
Stego, Vapor Barrier Seminar
PSI Soils Seminar
Seminar on Simpson Anchors 2004
Prologue Construction Admin Software
Epic Metals Presentation on structural Deck
Grace Presentation on concrete admixtures 2003
Special Masonry Inspector Renewal Exam Certification No. 1074849-84
Masonry Water Repellants For Mortar
Designing With Stone
Norshield Security Presentation
Welding by Lincoln Electric
Practical Design: Trusses and Lateral Load Resisting Systems
Practical Design: Software and Design Tools A Steel Solutions Seminar
Optimum Design for Optimum Performance: Wall and Roof Diaphragms
Alliance Geotechnical Group Expansive Soils
Wind Provisions (2-day seminar)
Structural Provisions of IBC 2000
Certificate AISC Seminar Selecting Structural Steel Systems
Certificate AISC Seminar Design Earthquake Vibrations
AISC The essentials of HSS Connection Design
Module I Value Engineering Workshop, SAVE International (one-week workshop)
Certificate Deep Foundations Institute Educational Program
Certificate of Training Alpine Steel Layout and Truscad Program (3-day workshop)
Attended company presentations that included:
Hohmann BarnardFibermesh
UnistrutVSL Corp. Post Tensioning
Fibercon steel fibersDurawall
NMB Splice SleevesMaster Builders
SikaRAM International Structural Software
External Reinforcement Inc. (carbon fiber)
SCI (RF friendly material)
Tiger Concealment (RF friendly material)
Structural Preservation Systems
Stego Industries (vapor barrier systems)
SAP2000 Structural Software
CSI ETABS Building Software
Attended eight (8) one-hour presentations on Bulletproof Manager Series
Presented seminars on RAM and Light-Gage Steel CFS and CSI SAFE Software