Office Gaming Retail and Other

Apache Nitrogen Products Warehouse, Tucson, Arizona
Performed structural evaluation of 450,000-sf one-story steel building for relocation from Phoenix to Tucson. Included design of foundations and slight modifications of lateral system.

Palo Verde Plaza, Mesa, Arizona
Engineering for parapet extentions and modifications.

Call it Spring Shelving Calculations, Houston, Texas
Performed structural calculations for store shelving units in the Galleria Call it Spring store.

Clairs's Tennant Improvement, Tucson AZ, Tigard OR, Orem UT, Folsom CA, Station Park UT, Lakewood CA, GA
Performed structural support for tennant imporvement.

Calvin Klein, Orange-California, Naples, Miami, Orlando, and Sunrise-Florida
Structural calculations for store-room storage shelving.

Motherhood, Valencia, California
Tennant improvement.

Theory, Seattle, Washington
Tennant improvement.

Destination Maternity, Washington
Tennant improvement.

Footlocker, Boyten Beach-Florida, Santa Ana-California, Eugene-Oregon, National City-California
Tennant improvement.

7Eleven, North Carolina
Light pole calculations with foundation.

McDonalds, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Light pole calculations with foundation.

COX Communications, Deer Valley, Arizona
Tennant improvement, new openings and rooftop mechanical units.

Mortons Salt, Arizona
Concrete box culvert for high salt content fluid.

Vacutech, Arizona
Engineering for car wash structure supporting vacuum hoses.

Roosevelt Row Art Canopies, Phoenix, Arizona
Shade canopies developed by Boston Artist's for Roosevelt Street development. Structures are constructed of steel sheets with perforations. The strategic repetition of the parasole canopies create a forest of shade along the street. At night they glow with lighted accents that illuminate the structures. Structural engineering involved foundation design and modeling of the steel structures to ensure allowable stresses where not exceeded.

Structural Assessment for 4633 West Polk Street, Phoenix, Arizona
Performed evaluation on a 176,460-sf warehouse building with regards to its structural condition and provided an opinion report of findings. Report included findings to include deficiencies, concrete cracks, excessive deflection, signs of water damage, broken and or damaged roof trusses.

Salt River Project Building Assessment, Tempe, Arizona
Performed building assessment to evaluate and define structural deficiencies or concern for 315,000-sf existing office building. Existing office has four major additions with first construction in the 1940’s. Prepared a written report containing photos, preliminary calculations and recommendations.

Red Dog Mine Generator Enclosure, Alaska
Structural engineer for cold formed steel insulated generator enclosure.

Challenge Course, Payson, Arizona
Design of an obstacle/challenge course for the Payson Unified School District.
Project Owner: Payson Unified School District

Steel Generator Enclosure, Carteret, New Jersey
Structural engineer for cold formed steel insultated generator enclosure.

Steel Enclosre for Electrical Switch Gear, Freehold, New Jersey
Structural engineer for cold formed steel insulted enclosure.

Phoenix International Raceway Camera Stand Towers, Phoenix, Arizona
Structural engineering for thirty feet tall steel camera platforms. Included foundation design.

Sara Lee Food and Beverage Addition, Phoenix, Arizona
A new 6,000-sf addition for the new bread line oven and proofer. Structure construction of steel bar joist roof supported by steel beams and columns. Exterior comprised of concrete masonry unit construction and insulated metal panels.

Sara Lee Loading Dock Addition, Phoenix, Arizona
Two-bay depressed concrete semi loading dock at existing 100 year old building. Involved modification of existing building, new site retaining walls and dock leveler.

Camp Navajo Building Addition, Camp Navajo, Arizona
A three-story addition to an existing pristine 1940's wood military building. Upgrade includes elements for ADA compliance such as new bathrooms, elevator, and stairs. Addition was of concrete masonry unit construction for exterior walls with wood floors and roof. Project was design build.

Honeywell Crane Relocation, Phoenix, Arizona
Structural engineer for relocation of bridge crane.

Fry's Food Store Remodel, Phoenix, Arizona
Construction administration and Special Structural Inspections for reconstruction of the Shea and Tatum Fry's Food Store.

7 Eleven Retaining Wall, Norfolk, Virginia

The Vue Sign Cabinet Anchors, Tempe, Arizona

Yellowstone Ridge Beer & Wine Sign, Mohave County, Arizona

Bluewater Grill Sign, Phoenix, Arizona

3125 W Buckeye Road Liquour Store Sign, Phoenix, Arizona

Holiday Inn 42-ft Sign, Phoenix, Arizona

Korral Kool Photovotaic Panel Roof Strengthening, Mesa, Arizona

Truckee Bridge Water Pipe Support, Nevada

Mapei Pilaster Investigation, Tempe, Arizona

Architectura SA, Inc. Main Offices ICF Floor, San Antonio, Texas
Structure is a two-story structure with parking at the lower level and office on the second floor. The second floor is approximately 8,700-sf with an additional 900-sf of elevated storage mezzanine. The parking area on the lower level is approximately the same size as the office above. The utilization of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is utilized for the floors and walls.

Phoenix Police Museum Helicopter Exhibit, Phoenix, Arizona
Project Manager for structural engineering on design of hanging a historic police helicopter from the existing structure. Involved adding new steel beam supports, reinforcing existing concrete beams, and cable seismic ties to hanging helicopter.

IBC Bank, International Bank of Commerce, Insuldeck Floor and Roof, Austin, Texas
Structure is a two-story structure approximately 25,000-sf.  The utilization of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) is utilized for the floor and walls.

The Commons at the Dominion, San Antonio, Texas
Five buildings constructed of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for walls, floors and roofs. Three of the buildings are two-story for approximately 9,200-sf each. Two of the buildings are one-story for approximately 6,500-sf.

Gila River Casino, Chandler, Arizona
Large casino comprised of approximately 150,000-sf of area. Structure consists of a steel framework including steel beams, columns, joist girders, and long span joists. Typical concrete spread footings support the column loads. The height of the entertainment area is approximately thirty feet in height. Ten inch deep steel cold-formed stud cladding was utilized for the exterior skin system. Structure was developed on a very fast track schedule. Design Build delivery method (DB).

Ruby Tuesday Restaurants, Maricopa, Arizona, 44th & Washington, 24th & Baseline, Phoenix, Arizona, San Bernardino, California
One-story restaurants constructed of wood walls, wood roof trusses and plywood horizontal and vertical diaphragms.

White Wave, Foods Milk Barn, Portales, New Mexico
Structural engineer for steel framed one-story milking facility.

Sunwest Distributing Tennant Improvement, Scottsdale, Arizona
Miscellaneous structural services for 17,000-sf tenant improvement to include bracing for kitchen exhaust hoods at the roof penetrations, slab cutting for plumbing and roof analysis for larger HVAC units.

Rental Car Center Concessions Retail Unit, Phoenix, Arizona
Structural engineering design for an indoor concessions stand. Structure was constructed of cold-formed steel load bearing stud walls with joists spanning over for the ceiling.

Falcon Plaza Retail Shopping Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Strip mall shopping center facility.

Shops at Mesa Country Club, Mesa, Arizona
Strip mall shopping center facility.

Sound Guard Acoustical Panel Frame Engineering
Structural Engineering for cold-formed steel frame supporting acoustical panels. Signed and sealed structural calculations for 90mph (3 sec gust) wind speed.

Structural Review of Existing Building for Scanlan Kemper Bard Companies, Tempe, Arizona
Provided Structural Engineering services for investigating existing concrete slab and foundation cracks at base of column where connection of inverted “V” lateral brace occurs. Reviewed existing construction documents, performed calculations, and provided recommendations for repair.  Developed scope of work, issued to contractors for bid, reviewed qualifications to perform the work. Provide SKB with recommendations for selection of contractor. Monitored contractors work on site for conformance to scope, specifications and manufacturers installation procedures.

Glendale Police Department Improvements, Glendale, Arizona
Performed engineering for addition of security gates at parking facilities.

Corinna Professional Plaza, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada
Seven-story building comprised of four levels of parking with three stories of office above. The garage levels encompass approximately 100,000-sf and the office area above is approximately 55,000-sf. The superstructure for the garage is constructed of precast concrete tees, inverted tee beams, spandrels, and columns. The building lateral system utilizes cast in place concrete shear walls for all seven levels. The office structure above the garage is constructed of structural steel framework to include composite joists, steel beams, and columns. A three-dimensional computer model, loaded with design forces, utilized a dynamic modal response spectrum analysis for determination of results.

Arizona Country Club, Phoenix, Arizona
50,000-sf two story building. The structure is comprised of concrete topping on metal deck spanning between steel bar joists that are supported by steel beams. Beams are supported by a grid work of steel tube columns on concrete spread footings. The lateral system utilizes concrete masonry unit shear walls at the exterior of the building. Structure was three-dimensionally modeled on the computer with the appropriate design loads applied.

North Mountain Visitors Center, City of Phoenix
Project Manager for structural engineering on design of new single-story 10,000-sf building encompassing exhibit area, classroom, multi-purpose room, reception area, work room, library, vending, offices, gift shop, outdoor amphitheater, exterior canopies, 200-car parking lot, and ramadas.

Cherrywood Development, Lexington, Kentucky
Structural engineer for 34,000-sf, five (5) story office building. The structural system was comprised of steel/concrete composite floors placed in a checkerboard pattern to reduce girder depth and floor-to-floor heights. Concrete masonry shear walls around the stair enclosures provided lateral resistance for the structure.

Dairy Queen, Lexington, Kentucky
Structural engineer on retaining wall.

Melton Dock, Lexington, Kentucky
Structural engineer of wooden boat dock.

Renovation for 1940’s Ward’s Department Store Building for Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, Virginia
Structural engineer of record for total renovation and remodeling of existing structure. The project was built fast track and design was performed during demolition. The project involved complete mapping of existing structure. The existing 5-story superstructure was composed of steel beams, columns, bar joists, and floors of concrete on steel mesh deck. Exterior walls were comprised of multi-wyrth brick masonry that was left undisturbed. The project also involved an adjacent 2-story structure comprised of a wood joist system supported by steel beams and columns.

Navy Federal Credit Union, Lascara Member Service Center, Norfolk, Virginia
Structural engineer of record for 14,200-sf, bank building. The structure utilized bar joist roof framing supported on a steel framework. The lateral system was provided by "X" braced bays in both directions. The structure included framing of a large open clearstory area over the lobby.

Hudson Dog Track Facility, Hudson, Wisconsin
Structural engineer on portions of 3-story steel structure. Responsible for computer modeling of grandstand seating. Three (3) different bays were analyzed for gravity loads. Double kink W36x230 beams served as joists for the sloped seating area. A 48-inch deep plate girder supported the bay joists and glass viewing enclosure skin. Responsible for design of composite beam floor systems.

Soil Lysimeter Container and Multi-purpose Framework, Manhattan, Kansas
Structural engineer on research project for Agricultural Engineering Department. Designed soil lysimeter container, facility, and multi-function framework.